Our Story

We started PurFoods (pure·foods) to help people, like ourselves, who care for a loved one and want to ensure they have access to healthy meals that are convenient to prepare.

We needed a solution when we couldn’t be there to make or bring a fresh cooked meal to our Moms. That’s why we called our first product “Mom’s Meals”. We wanted to provide our Moms with the same fresh-made, delicious and comforting meals they used to make for us.  

We began by making meals in a small kitchen in Nevada, Iowa. We hired a professional chef from the start to make sure the meals tasted great. The whole family pitched in to help package the meals, individually pick the right meals for each customer’s order and drive late into the night to make sure the meals reached our customers in time.

Now, over 10 years later, we are still family owned and operated, but have a whole dedicated and experienced team to help us make the meals in our own USDA certified kitchen. We haven’t changed our belief that our meals have to be made with the same loving care and quality ingredients that we originally put into our Mom’s Meals. As important, all meals must be delicious enough to serve to our own family… because our Moms still get our meals to this day, and they are our toughest critics!

We hope you enjoy these meals for yourself or your loved ones, whether you need them for dietary reasons, specialized nutritional needs or caregiver meal support.